Saturday, August 02, 2008

Lemons (part 2)

This is for you, Randy!!

I recieved this email notification about lemon slices in drinks a couple of weeks ago, but forgot about it until now. Enjoy!

FROM: Connie Austin, M.P.H., D.V.M., Infectious Disease Epidemiologist
Karen McMahon, Chief Immunization Section

DATE: July 16, 2008

SUBJECT: Hepatitis A Exposure in Iowa _____

Hepatitis A infection was diagnosed in a food service worker employed by Whitey's Bar and Billiards in Burlington, Iowa. This is reported to be a popular restaurant and is located in Iowa across the river from Gulf Port, Illinois in Henderson County. It is reported an employee worked with diarrhea during their infectious period. Any patrons consuming drinks with ice or a lemon slice, or any item from the salad bar, during July 2 through July 13, 2008, should receive either hepatitis A vaccine or immunoglobulin. Some patrons were potentially exposed during June 25 through July 1 but too much time has passed for post exposure prophylaxis to be effective for these individuals.

Remember, friends don't let friends get drinks with lemons!


Anonymous said...

i'm eternally grateful. now get back to your new job so you can pay for that ring!

Anonymous said...

I still get them.